“I can speak to staff at all times. They stop what they are doing to help. If there is something you want to do, they try their best to make it happen”

- Close Support Inspection Report December 2022

Hill View Cottage

‘Hill View Cottage’ has 3 en-suite bedrooms and is a progression of the function of Lomond House, with a specific focus on further developing independent living skills, supporting those young people preparing to move on after their stay with us.

Young people are encouraged to learn about sustainable living through practical experiences that can be replicated within the community. This also allows young people to build new skills and practice potential ways of dealing with future challenges and experiences. We encourage young people to participate in community-based education, training and work.

The staff team complete specific training to support each individual young person’s own needs, for example with mental health problems. There is an emphasis on encouraging and supporting young people in participation and community inclusion and through care projects.

Young people in the Intensive Support Houses are encouraged and supported to make their own health appointments and attend these. This helps promote their confidence and independence.

We work closely with STAF, Scotland’s national membership organisation for all of those involved in the lives of young people leaving care. STAF’s vision is that the wellbeing and success of young people leaving care across Scotland is indistinguishable from that of their peers in the general population.

Young people at GSC have also benefited from and made a significant contribution to projects such as ‘Youth Justice Voices’ and ‘Artivism’ which explores identity through various art forms.