Data protection

The Data Protection Act 2018 regulates how personal information relating to individuals is dealt with

The main concept behind the Act is that although the data controller (in this case, the Good Shepherd Centre) can hold your personal information, it still belongs to you.

Everyone has right of access to a legible copy of any information that relates to them held by a public body, such as ourselves, under this Act.

Requests must be made in writing. To make this easier for you, you may wish to use the subject access request form which is available for download. This is designed to make sure that the correct details are given so that we can find your information as quickly as possible.

Along with the form, you must provide copies of two types of identification:

  • Something that identifies you such as a passport or driving licence, 
  • and something that identifies where you live and where we will be sending the information such as an up to date utility bill or rent book.

We ask you for this identification to protect your interests and to make sure that no personal details go astray.

Your application for information will be dealt with promptly and processed within 40 days upon receipt.

We reserve the right to ask you to clarify your request if it is too vague or general, and may contact you in order to do this. If you have a complaint about the way in which your enquiry has been handled, you have the right to apply to the UK Information Commissioner for him to review the case.

Please note that requests for information relating to individuals other than you are not dealt with under the Data Protection Act. The Act only gives you the right to your own information; even details relating to a close family member would not be provided were you to request them under this Act.

If you are looking for any other information that you believe we hold, it may be best to apply for this under Freedom of Information legislation.

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