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Young people create a publication about Robert Burns to celebrate his birthday!

07 April 2021

In ICT class young people shared what they already knew about Robert Burns with each other. They then watched a short animation on him and were presented with further information via a short PowerPoint in order to prompt further discussion. Young people were then tasked with creating a publication (PowerPoint or poster) about Robert Burns. Many young people commented on how cool it was that his Birthday is still celebrated so long after his death. Several had also visited his house in Alloway and were able to share the details of this with their peers. All were familiar with at least one of his pieces of work, particularly singing Auld Lang Syne which seems to be a tradition they’ve experienced with grandparents and parents.

The best part by far was the shortbread and irn bru they got to enjoy.

Here is a sample of the great work they produced, well done everyone, you have managed to capture the history of Robert Burns in your publications.