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We have recently entered into an exciting Partnership with The Sound Lab, which has kindly been supported by Creative Communities

06 April 2021

We have recently entered into an exciting new partnership with The Sound Lab; with the support of Creative Communities.

The Sound Lab have been based in and around Glasgow since 2003, and are a grassroots, volunteer-run charity providing creative opportunities to communities across Glasgow and beyond.

The Sound Lab share our creative vision, recognising that ‘music matters’ and that music and creativity shouldn’t just be available for those who can readily access it and afford it: it should be available to everyone.

Over the next few weeks, an abundance of diverse music tutorials will be facilitated through a range of tutors who will deliver online music lessons for our young people. The first wave of tutorials will act as taster sessions, which will allow young people the chance to try new and alternative ways of expressing themselves and enhancing their musical skills and creativity.