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Our 2019/20 Service Standards and Quality Report is released.

06 April 2021

As this most challenging of years comes to a close, we’re delighted to publish the Good Shepherd Centre (GSC) Service Standards and Quality Report for 2019/20. This report highlights the quality and scope of our work across the centre with and for young people and their families; and our performance against the goals we set for improvement and development during the business year 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. It also covers slightly different timescales for progress during the school year 2019/20 (to August 2020).

In last year’s report, we introduced our Journey approach to developing the SIP (Service Improvement Plan) for the centre and you will see that we moved forward at a pace on this Journey during the year. The focus of our improvement goals was again on making sure our core values and the principles of being kind, respecting rights, being nurturing and relational drive everything we do. In fact, this report from 2019/2020 could be titled ‘It’s Our Nature to Nurture’ as it sums up our approach and was also the name of one of the workshops at our ‘Looking Ahead’ event in August 2019. This brought together our young people, our staff, professionals and partner organisations to reflect on the concluding year of the current SIP programme which began back in 2014/15 and to look ahead to the next SIP and beyond.

In this report you will read about some of the highlights of this final year of the current SIP programme. This includes how we worked in partnership with young people to name our care houses; Lyle, Kilpatrick, Nevis and Lomond; the refurbishment of all of the young people’s bedrooms in Lomond House, the Courtyard Project we began, to modernise our outdoor spaces for young people living in secure care, and our central contribution to another innovative research project Talking Hope, which published its report in November 2019. You’ll also read about our co-production work and young people’s influence across Team GSC and beyond including with the Independent Care Review. You’ll see that we completed a programme of all-staff workshops about mental health and wellbeing which were attended by 87% of our entire staff team and that we linked to this our Journey Projects aimed at promoting everyone’s mental wellbeing, and you’ll read about exciting events and award programmes young people have undertaken, including MasterChef challenges, creative arts and music based programmes, Princes Trust awards, documentary film making, media opportunities and much more.

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