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Karen Dunbar says she has been schooled in a rap workshop by the young people at the Good Shepherd Centre

06 April 2021

For many of the young people that stay at the Good Shepherd Centre, managing feelings and dealing with day to day life can be difficult, due to the traumatic and harmful situations they have been in. We always look to find new positive ways for them to express how they feel.

We were delighted to work with Karen Dunbar on her new project ‘Just Say it’. Karen provides a workshop that encourages people to come together, share and write their experiences on a subject whether it be family, home or even their favourite food. Karen worked with the young people to develop their experiences into a rap song, together they wrote the lyrics, choose the music and then performed it, some of the young people were so confident at this point that they recorded their own lyrics themselves.

Not only does this workshop help the young people express how they are feeling in a positive way but it sparks creativity, encourages imagination and develops storytelling and drama skills which may open up their eyes to the possibility of working in the creative industry.

Karen visited the centre for 3 days and really got to engage with the young people, she was humbled by the confidence that she could see growing as she was working with them. Karen said that her ideas were blown out of the water and in fact, she was schooled in a rap workshop by the young people.

The young people had an amazing time working with Karen, one of them asked if she would be coming back again. Their rap song was recorded, and it will be downloaded onto a CD for them to keep and remember the time that they got to work with one of Scotland’s best-known Comedy Actors. One young person commented “it was banging” with another saying, “it was good to meet someone famous”.