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Filling socks for the homeless!

03 December 2018

Our little helpers Tracey McNab & Pat Beaton are taking time out of their very busy day to fill socks with goodies for the homeless people of Glasgow and surrounding areas.

We have pledged to donate filled socks to the charity ‘Maggie’s Beautiful People Project’, who will pass them to the homeless people of Glasgow and surrounding areas. We are filling them with items such as deodorant, underwear, hat, toothbrush and toothpaste. The Good Shepherd centre are delighted to support this amazing charity by donating 40 filled socks, the young people and staff are getting into the spirit of Christmas by donating filled socks of their own, in addition some staff and young people are choosing to buy gift cards from Greggs, which will allow them to purchase hot food or drinks.

‘Maggie’s Beautiful People Project’ is a newly set up voluntary charity, they aim to make the world a more beautiful place by providing people with access to new opportunities and improve the life’s of people facing hardship. If you want to support this charity please find them on twitter or their website.
Twitter: @project4beauty