The Wellbeing Support Service offers a holistic approach to promoting the health & wellbeing of all young people in the centre through supporting young people to develop their knowledge, understanding, skills, capabilities and attributes required for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing now and in the future. Using specialised interventions we promote, support and encourage the development of these skills. 

Interventions are based on a thorough assessment of the young person’s needs and risks. We aim to equip the young people with pro-social skills and strategies to manage their individual problems and issues. 

Interventions on offer to the young people are based on the following:

The Ross Programme (R&R2) - for males, youths, girls and young woman
Anger Management - ‘Keep Your Cool’
Violence is not the only choice
Offending is not the only choice
Substance misuse - Relapse prevention
Girls moving forward – female only intervention
Friends for life – Anxiety prevention (child & youth version)
What’s new – modular intervention (problem solving, social skills & thinking skills)
AWSS – change & loss (autumn, winter, spring, summer)
Teaching recovery techniques (TRT)
Treating problem behaviour (TPB) - trauma informed treatment
Family support work
Health & wellbeing interventions
Drug & alcohol awareness
Sexual health awareness

“It has helped me make sure I never use anger or aggression towards people and it has given me loads of skills”. Young person
“The programme helped me find better ways to deal with my problems”
Young person
“I have been impressed with the number of interventions available and utilised by the service to meet the needs of the young person”
Social Worker

External Agencies

The Wellbeing Support Service works in collaboration with external agencies such as Fire Scotland, Police Scotland, Dogs Trust, Young Scot, PACE Theatre Group, Women’s Aid, Medics against Violence, Greenock Prison, etc. These services provide the young people with awareness of different issues such as hate crime, disability, sectarianism, railway safety, road safety, responsible dog ownership, prison life, domestic violence, consequences of alcohol misuse etc.