Close Support

The Good Shepherd Centre’s close support service consists of 6 beds and functions as a transitional resource for 13-17 year olds that have made the successful transition from secure care, but still require additional support prior to them returning to a less structured environment within the community. Referrals from the community for young people who may require a more structured placement within a highly supportive environment will be considered. 

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We utilise a trauma and attachment informed model of care to form trusting relationships and provide consistent care to our young people. We have recently created a HOPE framework to promote the hope of young people within the Centre.

All young people have an en-suite bedroom and share a communal lounge, dining room, and kitchen. A comfortable visitor’s room allows for family and friends to visit in a relaxed environment and the movie room allows for time away from the group to enjoy the latest film and TV.

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We tailor our approach to each young person’s needs and create an individual care plan that will increase their levels of Hope and Wellbeing. Within this plan the young person is supported to take responsibility for their own time by completing a weekly activity planner to incorporate educational or work placements, recreational activities, independent time in the community and contact with family and friends, as well as developing their life skills such as budgeting and independent living skills. They are also supported to join local clubs to help support their reintegration into the local community and increase their levels of social inclusion.

Our education department can also be utilised, however, they are encouraged to attend local educational or work placements that will support a return to the community.

We work alongside families, social workers, education staff and health and wellbeing teams to support the young person to achieve their full potential across all SHANARRI(H)  indicators to promote a successful transition to our semi-independent cottage within our campus or a return to the community.