Respected & Responsible

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Adopting a consultative/partnership approach in all aspects of our work ensures that the young person remains at the centre of what we do. We fully support the young person in having a voice that is heard in their own care and future planning, giving them an understanding of who and what agencies are available to them for advice and support.

The Young Person is offered support and opportunity through the daily living experience, and structured individual work, to develop their skills and self-awareness in order to be able to express their views and feelings confidentiality and constructively.Through positive role modelling, specific educational/cognitive behavioural programmes/charity fundraising/local and wider community involvement, we foster an ethos of responsibility and a greater understanding of the wider world.

Our approach increases the young person’s ability to take responsibility for their own actions by; increasing their understanding of their own behaviour, and increasing their understanding of the impact of their behaviour on themselves and others.

Within education we promote an ethos of achievement through a modular based curriculum which encourages the young person to recognise their potential and strive to do their best.  Particular attention is paid to arranging in-house and community based taster courses in further education and in a wide variety of work experience placements.  This encourages the young person to have a more positive view of their place in society and allows them to make more informed decisions and choices about their future.