We place great importance on using a holistic approach that considers all the needs of the young person as an individual but also as part of a family and community.  We fully appreciate the importance of working with the young person to rebuild their place in the family and community.  We encourage contact with family and friends initially within the unit then on a risk assessed basis, within the community.

During a young person’s placement they are fully involved in preparing and planning for their future.  The work they engage in and the opportunities they are presented with are tailored to preparing them for their return to the community.

Transitions are planned well in advance.  The young person is encouraged to identify their own needs and ambitions and they are giving information, advice, and guidance to make sure that they know what opportunities are on offer and how these fit with their own identified needs and ambitions.

This approach essentially requires; joint commitment and partnership working to ensure that the agreed plan is progressed, the right supports in place at the point of transition, and supports on return to the community to monitor and sustain positive progression.

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