Good Shepherd 129 Weba

Our approach is to promote the health and wellbeing of all young people and to ensure that all aspects of their healthcare needs are met. The physical aspects of a young person’s are addressed through a formal health assessment process.  This process is co-ordinated through the Nurse and supported by the appropriate external health services.  All information is kept within the individual’s confidential health care plan.  Appropriate information also informs the Health section of the young person’s Care Plan. Any previously undiagnosed conditions will be highlighted and referrals made to the appropriate health professions.

We fully recognised the importance of addressing the psychological wellbeing of our young people and therefore we have developed close partnership working with other specialist services:

  • The Local CAMHS team through monthly meeting and training events. Referrals are made to the team on a needs led basis.
  • The Forensic Network who are presently writing a bespoke training  package for the staff of the Good Shepherd Centre.
  • Young Minds who provide a bespoke Training for Trainer package for Staff in the Good Shepherd Centre, and offer ongoing support.
  • Welltree Trauma Therapy Services who provide Consultancy, Training and Trauma focused interventions with young people.  A Consultant clinical and forensic psychologist who carries out mental health assessments and who also offers CAT on a needs led basis.
  • The Sandyford Clinic who have written a bespoke sexual health programme for the Good Shepherd Centre.

A healthy lifestyle and diet are promoted across care and education through various events, programmes, and training for staff.