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COVID 19 Toilet Roll Challenge

19 May 2020

During COVID 19 the ‘toilet roll challenge’ was started. It started off with sport stars doing keepy ups with a toilet roll and challenging others to beat their score. It then escalated with companies and schools creating their own take on this. One school in Renfrewshire got involved and created a video with their teachers at home, virtually passing the toilet roll to each other. Renfrewshire Council laid down the gauntlet to other schools.

We didn’t waste any time to create our video. All the teachers got involved whether they were still at school teaching our young people or at home isolating, they all took part in trying a few keepy ups with the toilet roll and then virtually passing this to the next teacher, we also got involved other staff within the centre involved.

We all had great fun creating this video which is what we want to encourage at this very uncertain time.