Declan's story

Hi all

I wanted to say a huge thank you. The Declan that first came into the Good Shepherd Centre and the Declan that presented so well yesterday and is now at home, feel like two different people.

I can’t thank you enough for all the work every member of staff has done for Declan and for me!

The routine, the boundaries, the care, the self-learning and ability to recover he has had within the Good Shepherd Centre could never have been replicated in the Borders. The young man that came to the hearing yesterday was so focussed on his future and has achievable aspirations for his life that I really believe he has never had before, nor would he have discovered if it wasn’t for the Good Shepherd Centre.

I want to say such a huge thanks to every staff member I have spoken with, met, or emailed. Everyone has always been so helpful and kind and I have always felt completely in the loop with everything!

Declan said in the hearing yesterday that he has been given all the tools he needs from the Good Shepherd Centre to stay sober and move forward with his life, and that it was up to him to do that. Thank you so much for giving this young man a second chance.

I couldn’t have asked for more to prepare Declan for his future- now to put it all into practice!! 

Thank you.

Aimee Crausaz

Social Worker

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