Staff Training & Development

The Good Shepherd Centre is fundamentally a learning environment and it is understood that this applies equally to young people and employees. Through a process of reflection, discussion of events and experiences, both within the staff team and with our young people, it is intended that a culture and climate of learning is encouraged. 

All employees are required to participate and complete a 4 week induction programme alongside a 12 week induction programme on an individual basis with an identified mentor and supervisor.

Our expectation of our staff is that they consistently demonstrate pro-social modelling. We believe that everything that occurs daily between young people and staff is a potential opportunity to enhance a young person’s development. By this we mean the daily events of group living being utilised to meet the complex range of needs of our young people.

We invest heavily in training & development for our employees; they are expected to undertake mandatory training courses covering areas such as Trauma, STORM – Suicide Prevention, Mental Health & Emergency Life Saving Skills.

“The Good Shepherd Centre staff are very skilled in supporting the young person. The staff are very consistent in their communication with professionals and family”. Social Worker
“I have been very impressed overall, the staff who work in the unit are simply fantastic” Parent
“Best staff I have worked with. It was sad to leave”. Young person
Staff Training Development